The Undisclosed Truth on Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Russell Kridel was consulted by Amanda Koehler for Healthy Aging and this week on his expertise with laser hair removal:

“To clear the body of unwanted hair, women have used just about everything: razors, hot wax and even chemical depilatories.

All of these solutions, while successful, need to be repeated to get results. Now, many medical spas and physicians offices are promising more permanent hair reduction with laser treatment. Providing a more long-standing solution, laser hair removal comes with some caveats, nonetheless.”

Amanda Koehler spoke with Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kridel to learn more about laser hair removal, including costs and what to expect from a procedure that promises to rid the body of unsightly hair.

You can read the entire article here:

Amanda Koehler is associate editor of ADVANCE for Healthy Aging, a healthcare publication from ADVANCE Newsmagazines, provides age management physicians with comprehensive coverage of this multidisciplinary industry. From medical aesthetics; health and wellness; and fitness and exercise; to skin care; hormone therapy; and nutritional analysis and supplementation, ADVANCE for Healthy Aging has the most complete news and information. Each issue features the latest in clinical  research, new products, advancements in technology and much more.

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