Septal Perforation Repair

Septal Perforation Repair is Extremely Complex

A septal perforation is a hole known as a “perforation” in the nasal septum, which is the tissue that separates the nostrils.  A perforation, in the nasal septum is not just a one-layered hole.  Rather, it is a hole in the cartilaginous, or bony portion of the septum that separates your nose into two distinct sides, as well as a hole in both membranes that cover the septum.    Depending on the location and size of the perforation, it is extremely difficult to repair.

Septal Perforation Repair by Dr. Kridel

Before and After Septal Perforation Repair by Dr. Kridel

Patients with a septal perforation can have many symptoms that are extremely uncomfortable and difficult to live with.  These include: frequent crusting, bleeding, whistling while breathing, nasal obstruction and runny nose (rhinorrhea).

Why do so many doctors say they can’t fix a septal perforation?

The reason is that the surgical technique is very difficult and if not performed correctly can result in a larger hole or simply an unsuccessful close. Very few surgeons across the country have the training, experience and comfort level to perform this surgery.  Therefore, physicians refer the patient to a facial plastic and reconstructive specialist, like Dr. Kridel, with significant experience in septal perforation surgery, particularly if the hole is of a certain size and some symptoms are present.

Dr. Kridel is the Best Surgeon for Repairing a Septal Perforation

Russell Kridel, MD is internationally recognized as “the expert” in septal perforation repair.  He has published over 20 medical journal articles and textbook chapters on septal perforation repair and has trained surgeons across the U.S and other countries on his pioneering techniques.  His 99% success rate is unprecedented in the community based on the range and complexity of perforations that are referred to him.

To help patients learn more about septal perforation, Dr. Kridel created a website dedicated to providing in-depth information about the condition.

YouTube:  Dr. Kridel Septal Perforation Repair Patient

It can also be helpful to hear from a patient who shares some of the same challenges of having a septal perforation.  View this YouTube video of a septal perforation repair patient of Dr. Kridel who shared his incredible journey to finding Dr Kridel and how his life changed with the successful repair by Dr. Kridel.


— Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates Houston, TX

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