Septal Perforation: A Patient’s Story

One of Dr. Kridel’s patients shares his amazing journey from living with a septal perforation to finding the world’s expert on septal perforation repair — Dr. Kridel.  He wanted to share his story so that he could help others find quality care for their own septal perforation problems.

Check out this patient’s story here:


Septal perforation is a very complex problem. It is a hole in the nasal septum that can occur as a result of previous nasal surgery, nasal fracture or other trauma, use of steroid nasal sprays, as well as other causes. When a septal perforation is present, a patient can have any number of uncomfortable and irritating symptoms that make their daily life very challenging and uncomfortable.  Many of these are shared by the patient in the video.

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Russell Kridel, a facial plastic surgery specialist, has developed innovative surgical techniques and written over 20 scientific journal articles on septal perforation that have made him recognized as a leader in this field internationally. Patients and doctors come from all around the world for surgery because of Dr. Kridel’s unique surgical expertise in septal perforation and rhinoplasty.

If you find this interesting, you may want to read the journal articles posted here on the site Dr. Kridel devotes specifically to septal perforations


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