Russell Kridel MD quoted in Houston Business Journal on TMA launch of new physician services group

May 27th, 2013 Kirin

Dr. Russell Kridel was quoted in the May 23, 2013 issue of the Houston Business Journal about the recent launch by the Texas Medical Association (TMA) of the Physicians Services Organization for Patient Care.

In the article, Dr. Kridel stated, “The Physician Services Organization for Patient Care will provide services to help physicians navigate the changing health care delivery system. The best use of a physician’s time is in directly taking care of the patient one-on-one, not in dealing with red tape, reporting measures and compliance regulations.”

As the President of the Harris County Medical Society, Dr. Kridel helped lead the group to team up with the TMA Association as a key member of the new physician organization designed to provide doctors with the tools to perform better and more efficient patient care.  For example, one service of the Physicians Services Organization for Patient Care might help physicians comb through their data to identify chronically ill patients who need extra help to stay as healthy as possible and stay out of the hospital. Another might align primary care physicians and specialists to better coordinate the care they provide to their common patients.

Dr. Kridel was also featured in the Houston Business Journal earlier in 2013 to discuss ways to address the rising health care costs.

Check out Dr. Kridel’s blogs on topics relating to Facial Plastic Surgery and current health care issues:  Dr. Kridel on Health blog and Science and Your Health blog.

— Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates


2013 HCMS President, Dr.Russell Kridel Delivers Inspired Inaugural Speech

February 10th, 2013 Kirin

As the newly installed President of the Harris County Medical Society, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Russell Kridel delivered a noteworthy inaugural speech at the 2013 HCMS/HAM Installation of Officers & Leadership Recognition Dinner on January 18, 2013 at the Petroleum Club in downtown Houston.

2013 HCMS President, Dr. Russell Kridel accepts the gavel from outgoing President, Dr. Keith Bourgeois.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Kridel’s inaugural speech:

…”The absolute commitment to patients is what defines physicians and separates them from other professions. Patients put their lives in our hands; how scary it is for them to have a disease process change the course of their lives. That sacred trust they place in us comes with great responsibility, to provide the best care possible and be patient advocates without any other motivation”…

The full transcript of the speech can be found at Dr. Kridel’s blog — — on current health care issues that are important to both physicians and patients.

In addition, an abbreviated version of the speech can be found here on the Harris County Medical Society website where it was published in the February 1 Physician’s Newsletter.

— Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston, TX

Dr. Kridel shares importance of Investing in Prevention

November 6th, 2012 Dr. Russell Kridel

We all need to invest in healthcare prevention

‘”Three old American sayings capture the interconnections among personal responsibility, preventive medicine, and health care costs. Consider ‘You are what you eat,’ and ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,’ and ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’.

Male and female working out

If we as individuals take better care of ourselves — if we as a society take better care of ourselves — we’ll be not only healthier but also wealthier in the long run. Every Texan needs to have more skin in the health care game, especially those who have too much skin and fat already. We can no longer blow smoke at proven ways to stop people from smoking and exposing others to their secondhand smoke. We need a shot in the arm to stop the spread of deadly, contagious diseases. A healthy and wealthy Texas depends on a sound health care system with robust medical care and effective public health components… All in all, a stitch in time does indeed save nine.”

Taken from TMA’s Healthy Vision 2020, Invest in Prevention, Section 5

Healthy Vision 2020 is the the roadmap for the Texas Medical Association initiatives through 2020.  If you would like a complete copy of Healthy Vision 2020 click here 

— Dr. Russell Kridel,  Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston, TX

Dr. Russell Kridel named Chair-Elect for prestigious AMA Council on Science and Public Health

June 15th, 2012 Dr. Russell Kridel

I am currently attending the AMA (American Medical Association) Annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois, and just got elected as Chair-Elect of the AMA Council on Science and Public Health (CSAPH).

The Council on Science and Public Health develops scientific reports for the AMA and how they impact the public health of our patients.  In the last 6 years since I first joined the Council, we have developed over 75 reports on subjects as varied as; radiation exposure from X-rays, marijuana use for medical purposes, elder abuse, health care disparities, safety of bottled water, noise exposure from in-the-ear music devices, use of growth hormones in anti-aging, environmental dangers of landfills and unsafe mercury levels in the fish we eat.

At this current meeting, we will be discussing a possible tax on sweetened soft drinks, vital medicine drug shortages, screening mammography guidelines and bio-engineered food safety.

I have been active in the AMA since my residency, because I feel it is really important to give back to the profession, to the patient community, and to try and improve the health care system so that it is a better health care system for all.

— Dr. Russell Kridel