Helpful Rhinoplasty Consultation Checklist

September 28th, 2014 Kirin


When you decide to proceed with a Rhinoplasty (or nose job) after a great deal of thought and consideration, the next step is to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon.  This next phase of your quest for the perfect nose is one of the most important.  Follow this Rhinoplasty Consultation Checklist to help you identify the best facial plastic surgeon and gain confidence in a having a successful surgery.


It is critical that you select a facial plastic surgeon, like Dr. Russell Kridel, who specializes in surgery from the neck up.  Look for surgeons who are board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS).  To become board certified by the ABFPRS, the surgeon must have completed years of additional training strictly in the head and neck area, including a prestigious Fellowship and completed over 100 peer-reviewed surgical cases and they are double-board certified. You can go to the ABFPRS website to find a list of surgeons in your community.

Next, seek out facial plastic surgeons who have published scientific medical journal articles and given lectures at medical conferences specifically on Rhinoplasty surgical techniques.  These surgeons are recognized by their peers in the medical community as experts in Rhinoplasty.  You can identify these surgeons by looking at their resumes on their websites.

You also want to select a specialist, like Dr. Russell Kridel, who does at least 100 noses every year.  Because no two noses are alike it takes a skilled and experienced surgeon to be able to tailor a surgical approach specifically for you.  Ask this question before you book a consultation.

Sadly, there are many physicians who perform cosmetic surgery procedures, but do not have advanced specialty training.  So, it is important that you do your homework on selecting a specialist to consult. Depending on the size of the community that you live in, you should consult with 2 or 3 facial plastic surgeons.

Bottom line: only trust your nose and your face to a facial plastic surgery specialist.


Before your consultation, list out your medical history. Start by including your current and past medical conditions, any known drug allergies, and any previous medical treatments. Any of these could increase your risk factors during Rhinoplasty or cause delayed healing. Also, make a list of your current medications, vitamins and herbal supplements, and your usage of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Previous surgeries will also be a key discussion point during your consultation, so include even minor operations on other parts of the body. In addition, make a list of what bothers you about your nose and what you want from your Rhinoplasty surgery.  At FPSA, we provide you with special patient forms that help you walk through all of this important information to share with your surgeon.  You will either send back the forms in advance of your consultation or bring with you to your consultation with Dr. Kridel.


When you visit more than one surgeon for a consultation you will find similarities and differences between each practice.  As a result, you will also be able to identify the surgeon that you feel most comfortable with to perform your surgery.

At FPSA, we believe you will experience the most thorough Rhinoplasty consultation of any other cosmetic surgeon in Houston.  We take great pride in providing patients with the information and time they need for such an important decision.  When you come in for a consultation, you will be with us for 2 to 2.5 hours.   During that time, Dr. Kridel will do a thorough examination of your nose and you will also have a special Rhinometry test to evaluate your airflow function for breathing.  If your breathing is compromised, Dr. Kridel will help make sure that your nose looks fantastic and that you can breathe well. During your consultation we will also take photos and then through digital computer imaging and review with Dr. Kridel determine what you can expect from your Rhinoplasty surgery. You will also view an informative video about the surgery and be able to look at a very extensive library of before and after photos of other Rhinoplasty patients of Dr. Kridel’s that are not available online.

While the focus of the consultation is on you and your nose, Dr. Kridel wants your input about what bothers you about your current nose and about the nose you’d like to have when your rhinoplasty is finished. Feel free to ask Dr. Kridel, the clinicial staff or office staff any question.  As they say, there is no such thing as a wrong or dumb question. The only way to guarantee successful results in line with your own desires is to share your thoughts and concerns with Dr. Kridel and our staff. From these discussion and expectations, Dr. Kridel will design the best surgical plan for your nose to create the most pleasing, proportional, and appropriate shape specific to you. After the consultation, you will meet with the patient coordinator to review costs and set a surgical date together that allows enough recovery time for you.

— Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston

You can see Dr. Kridel talk about Rhinoplasty surgery on multiple videos on You Tube.  Check out this one where Dr. Kridel speaks about Rhinoplasty surgery.

Dr. Kridel is a world renowned facial plastic surgeon and has published over 100 scientific journal articles and textbook chapters about facial rejuvenation procedures, such as Rhinoplasty (often commonly referred to as nose job). Within the medical and patient community, he is often referred to as “THE Nose Doc,” because of his recognized expertise in nasal surgery.


Facelift After Weight Loss

September 10th, 2014 Kirin

An MVP Facelift after weight loss can work wonders to make you look as young as you feel!

Woman Using a Scale

Losing massive amounts of weight is a wonderful achievement.  It takes a great deal of courage, will power and perseverance.  However, patients who have lost substantial amounts of weight are faced with significant sagging skin. Their skin has stretched so far that it doesn’t rebound as quickly or fully.

The patients’ new shape is sidelined by sagging skin and tissue that makes them feel unattractive. So, it’s not surprising that neck lift and facelift after weight loss requests have gone up proportionally with the increasing popularity of surgical weight loss treatments. In fact, a survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reported a 13 percent increase in the number of patients seeking facelifts and neck lifts to remove the excess skin and tissue.

So, what can patients with significant weight loss do to address sagging skin?

Select a Facelift Specialist

This is not an instance where one stop shopping for a surgeon is the right thing to do.  Quite the contrary. It is critical that patients select a facial plastic surgeon to address sagging skin in the face and neck area.  Facial plastic surgeons specialize in cosmetic surgery from the neck up and have had years of extra training, including fellowship, specifically for this area of specialty.  Along the same lines, it is important to select a general plastic surgeon who is a body specialist to address the sagging skin that occurs following weight loss below the neck. But, the face is a far different and more complex anatomical area.  So, a body specialist does not necessarily make a good facelift surgeon.

In a nutshell, you should only trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Russell Kridel.  Dr. Kridel has performed thousands of successful facelifts.  He has an international reputation as “The Doctors’ Doctor” because other surgeons refer patients, themselves and their family members to him for their facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.  He has published over 100 scientific medical journal articles and textbook chapters on facial rejuvenation.

MVP Facelift Will Address Sagging Skin on the Face and Neck

A facelift is extremely effective at lifting sagging skin from the lower cheeks, jawline, and neck.  While there are non-surgical skin tightening solutions, such as Ulthera, for weight loss patients with a lot of loose skin, the traditional facelift is the ideal solution.

Dr. Russell Kridel has pioneered a surgical facelift technique called the MVP Lift.  The medical terminology for MVP Lift is Multi-Vector Positioning Lift. It refers to his special multi-layer dissection, draping and closing technique. Skin is meticulously lifted off the underlying tissue and adjusted to a more youthful position.  The skin is draped and any excess skin is surgically removed. One of the other unique elements of Dr. Kridel’s MVP Facelift are his Invisible Incisions technique.  After the healing process is complete, incisions are virtually undetectable.  We have patients who go to their hairdresser and even their hairdresser can’t tell they had a facelift.

The MVP Lift also refers to the Most Valuable Patient – status that every patient receives under our care and, the fact that Dr. Kridel tailors every MVP Lift to an individual patient to achieve the most natural and longer-lasting results.

Neck Lift

While many patients ask about a Neck Lift separate from a Facelift, the reality is that the best facelift techniques, such as the MVP Lift, is actually a Facelift and Necklift combined.  The necklift portion of the facelift simply addresses the area below the chin and jaw and along the neck.

The Consultation:

Prior to your MVP Facelift surgery you will undergo a consultation with Dr. Kridel.  During this appointment, he will examine your skin and muscle tone, as well as discuss your surgical goals. Photographs are also taken and through computer imaging, you will be able to visualize what you can expect from your surgery. You will also see images of other patients who have had similar surgery that can not be viewed on the Internet.  Dr. Kridel and the entire FPSA team is very thorough and happy to ask any question you may have.  You can expect to be with us for about two hours for your consultation.

The Reward

If you have won the battle of weight loss, you deserve to reward yourself with facial rejuvenation. With an MVP Lift you will look as young as you now feel.


To make an appointment with Dr. Kridel for an MVP Facelift consultation, please call 713/526-5665.  We can also provide you with a referral to a general plastic surgery specialist for body lifts.

To learn more about Dr. Kridel’s MVP Lift click here.

You can also go to Dr. Kridel’s You Tube channel for a few of his videos on facelift and facial rejuvenation procedures.


— Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston