Eyelid Surgery Procedure Wipes Away Years

July 30th, 2014 admin

Eyelid Surgery Procedure (Blepharoplasty) Works Wonders

Many people feel young and full of energy, but their faces may tell a different story.  If you have droopy eyelids or under eye bags, your entire face gives the appearance of being exhausted, tired and older.

The first signs of aging usually appears in your eyes. Laxity in the skin above and below the eyes can occur as early as your 30s.  While sun damage and other lifestyle choices can speed up the aging process, your genetic makeup is the biggest indicator.  If your parents had eyelid laxity when they were in their 30s or 40s, you will too.

Fortunately, eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, is a remarkable procedure that can readily address aging eyes and restore your youthful appearance.  It is a very popular procedure for both men and women in their 30’s and 40’s because it can have such a significant impact with very little downtime or discomfort. A lot of professionals have this surgery because they feel it is important to maintain a younger look.

An upper lid blepharoplasty or eyelid lift, removes excess skin from the upper lids.  A lower lid blepharoplasty removes any excess skin and bags, which are actually fat pads.  The majority of patients need a lift on both the upper and lower eyelids together.

The eyelid surgery procedure (blepharoplasty) can be done under IV sedation in our FPSA fully accredited office surgical suite.  It requires only one to two hours of surgery.  After surgery the eyelids may be bruised and swollen temporarily, but most patients return to work within five to seven days. The results are long lasting and effectively provides instant facial rejuvenation without anyone having to know you had anything done.

Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kridel and Dr. Sturm are the best blepharoplasty surgeons in Houston.  As facial plastic surgery specialists they are highly trained specifically in the anatomy of the head and neck.

Dr. Kridel and Dr. Sturm have published a scientific journal article about eyelid surgery and Dr. Kridel has published over 100 additional scientific journal articles and textbook chapters on all aspects of facial rejuvenation, including blepharoplasty.

Click here to watch a You Tube video by Dr. Kridel on eyelid surgery.

— Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates


Selfies and Plastic Surgery Are Linked

July 10th, 2014 Dr. Russell Kridel

Selfies and Plastic Surgery Requests Are Linked

Selfies and Rhinoplasty Surgery

While we all look at ourselves in the mirror every day, with Selfies, many people also check their looks on their mobile phones multiple times a day.In many ways, the growing trends of placing Selfies on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr, create greater demand for people to look the best they possibly can. Because these images are presented to the vast online world, people set a high standard for themselves of how they should look.


Rhinoplasty Surgery Requests Have Increased With Selfie Culture

The Selfie culture has shifted the focus of our interactions to a very visual level. Suddenly, facial flaws seem magnified and the need for plastic surgery procedures, like nasal surgery, known as Rhinoplasty, becomes more apparent. Your nose is a dominant feature of your face and any flaws that may concern you feel magnified on social media particularly, profile or three-quarter views. Increasingly, People seek Rhinoplasty surgery, commonly referred to as a nose job, to resolve many of their unwanted nasal features. In a March, 2014 survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), they found that the Selfie trend increases demand for facial plastic surgery, particularly for Rhinoplasty surgery. Many people, primarily those between 18 and 34, are looking for an edge to create a picture-perfect face and share it with the world. For example, shaving down a nasal bump or straightening a twisted nose can make the face look more symmetric from all directions.

“Imaged-based social media forces patients to look at their image with a more critical eye.  They want to make sure they look their very best to the online world, particularly to friends and loved ones, current or potential.  So it is completely understandable why we are seeing more younger patients seeking cosmetic procedures,” stated Houston facial plastic surgeon Dr. Russell Kridel.

If looking at your collection of selfies uncovers features you have always disliked about yourself, your reason to have Rhinoplasty surgery is no less valid than someone who broke their nose multiple times. The intensity of your dislike might be increased due to the amount of photos you are faced with daily, but it doesn’t change the fact that you don’t like your nose.

Importance of Selecting a Facial Plastic Surgeon for Cosmetic Nasal Surgery

However, it is still critically important to select the best surgeon for your nose job.  There is a difference!  First of all, you need to select a facial plastic surgeon, like Dr. Russell Kridel,  because facial plastic surgeons specialize in the head and neck area and have additional training specific to noses.  You will not only have a better looking nose, but care will be taken to make sure you can breathe well out of it as well.

During your consultation, Dr. Kridel will talk about what you don’t like about your nose and what lead you to decide that Rhinoplasty could be a good option. He will evaluate your physical health, your facial features and your nasal features. In addition, computer imaging will be done, so that you can get a realistic idea of what your nose will look like after surgery. Every nose is different, so the goal for rhinoplasty surgery is to create an improved nasal shape that is proportionate to your specific face.  It is not appropriate to want your nose to look just like a favorite celebrity.  “If you ask for Taylor Swift’s nose, I will tell you to select a different surgeon,” said Dr. Kridel.  To look your best so that you can achieve your goal of being the best you and therefore, an even better selfie, is a realistic approach and you will be thrilled with the results.

Dr. Kridel performs more than one hundred nose surgeries (Rhinoplasty) every year. He has published over 50 scientific medical journal articles on nasal surgery and has developed surgical techniques for Rhinoplasty that are now taught in medical schools around the world.  Dr. Kridel is referred by many fellow surgeons as “The Nose Doc” because of his expertise and internationally recognized surgical skills in Rhinoplasty.

— Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston

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Facelift after weight loss surgery

July 5th, 2014 Kirin

Will I need a facelift after weight loss surgery?

Your overall health is closely related to any surgery you may have, including surgeries performed on your face. The results of your facelift procedure, as well as other plastic surgery procedures, where fat plays an integral role, can easily be affected by weight loss both before and after surgery.

yield sign for facelift and weight loss

Individuals who are significantly overweight and considered obese, often have round and full faces.  And in most cases, the underlying fat smoothes out the face so there can be minimal wrinkles or deep facial creases.  If you plan on having weight loss surgery, such as gastric bypass, it is important that you wait to have facelift surgery until after your weight loss surgery and after your weight has stabilized.  The timeframe for this is about 12 months.  It is equally important that you are committed to keeping the weight off, not only for health reasons, but also because weight gain will be seen in your neck and face, virtually undoing the positive effects of the facelift surgery.

It is not unusual for patients who have bariatric weight loss surgery to lose over 100 pounds.  However, when patients lose such a significant amount of weight they will also notice a significant change in their physical features, both in their body, but also their face and neck. The skin becomes loose as fat decreases — heavy lines or creases appear around the cheeks and the neck sags, giving the person the appearance of a “turkey neck”.   This can be very discouraging to patients who have worked so hard to lose the weight.  Fortunately, Dr. Russell Kridel’s signature facelift, known as an MVP Lift (Multi-Vector Positioning Lift) will lift and remove the excess skin, which will give you the cheek, jaw and neckline that you desire.  Your face and neck will be far more youthful and vibrant, yet natural.  And, you will feel even more confident when your new face matches your new and healthier body. Other procedures may be performed at the same time if indicated. For example, some patients may also have injectable fillers for deep creases, blepharoplasty for sagging upper and lower eyelids or a browlift.

At your consultation with Dr. Kridel, you will discuss the areas that are most troubling for you. You have made the commitment to health and should be very proud of yourself.  Now you can have the fresh, youthful appearance that you deserve to complete your healthy transformation.

— Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston

You can see Dr. Kridel talk about facelift on multiple videos on You Tube.  Check out this one where Dr. Kridel speaks about  natural looking facelifts.

Dr. Kridel is a world renowned facial plastic surgeon and has published over 30 scientific journal articles and textbook chapters about facial rejuvenation procedures such as facelift (MVP Lift).