Angela Sturm MD named 2013 Texas Blazing Star

November 30th, 2013 Kirin

FPSA Associate — Angela Sturm MD — Honored by Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas!

Angela Sturm MD wins 2013 Trailblazer Award

Facial plastic surgeon, Angela Sturm MD, was recently named the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas Business Woman of the Year (TBOY): “Texas Blazing Star” for 2013.   Dr. Sturm is an Associate with Facial Plastic Surgery Associates located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

The “Texas Blazing Star” award was announced at the MAPcon + TBOY Conference and Awards event in Austin, Texas. This prestigious distinction recognizes business women who are on the fast track to success.  The event is presented by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas and is known as the “Academy Awards” for Texas business women. The coveted awards are given to business owners and professional women in Texas, whose style and drive go above and beyond setting them apart from the crowd.

“I’m elated to have received such a distinguished award, said Angela Sturm MD. It’s an honor to have been nominated and recognized for my hard work and effort towards my profession and community.”

Facial Plastic Surgery Associates founder, Dr. Russell Kridel, adds, “I am so thrilled for Angela to be named a 2013 Trailblazer.  She is highly deserving of this award for her contributions to facial plastic surgery, her commitment to the highest standards of patient care and for all of her contributions to our community as a whole.”

Please join all of us at Facial Plastic Surgery Associates in congratulating Angela on this great accomplishment!

—- Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates

For more information about Angela Sturm MD.

Rhinoplasty consultation: what to expect

November 30th, 2013 Kirin

Many patients do not know what to expect from a Rhinoplasty consultation.  The truth is that a Rhinoplasty consultation will vary from surgeon to surgeon.

So, it is important that patients understand what to look for during their Rhinoplasty consultation to help them identify the best possible surgeon for their procedure. At Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, you can expect to spend 1.5 to 2 hours for your consultation with Dr. Russell Kridel.

As Dr. Kridel says, “no two noses are alike,” so it is important to do an in-depth consultation, including a very thorough examination to provide patients with a treatment plan that is designed specifically for them to achieve their desired result.

Rhinoplasty Consultation with Dr. Russell Kridel:

Prior to your consultation, you will complete several forms, including a questionnaire that helps you think through why you want to have surgery, what bothers you most about your nose and what you expect from your surgery.  Surgery of any type is a big step and should not be taken lightly.  So, both you and your surgeon should be “on the same page.”

Office lobby for Dr. Russell Kridel

Dr. Russell Kridel facial plastic surgery practice in the Texas Medical Center

When you arrive at our beautiful offices in the Texas Medical Center, one of our fabulous staff members will take pictures of your nose from multiple angles.  Dr. Kridel and his team will then use computer software to image your photos to show you what you can expect your nose to look like after Rhinoplasty surgery.  Next, you will meet with our patient coordinator to review the extensive before and after photo books, as well as share any questions or concerns you may have about Rhinoplasty surgery.

Dr. Kridel will do a thorough examination of your nose and will have a conversation with you about your nose and nasal surgery.  You should feel free to ask questions and share any concerns you may have, whether it is about difficulty breathing, the current appearance of your nose or the surgical technique he recommends.  Dr. Kridel is very approachable and happy to answer any of your questions about Rhinoplasty.

You will also have a Rhinometry test done. Rhinometry is a diagnostic measurement of the nose through acoustic reflections.  It evaluates nasal obstruction by analyzing reflections of a sound pulse introduced via the nostrils. The technique is fast, non-invasive and does not require the patient to do anything special. As an objective screening and evaluation test, Rhinometry will further help to identify or confirm that a patient may have a deviated septum, hypertrophied turbinates or other types of upper airway obstruction that may need to be addressed during surgery. At Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, we are one of the few plastic surgery offices in Houston that performs this additional examination.  Why?  Because Dr. Kridel feels it is imperative that patients not only look great, but they can also breathe well following Rhinoplasty surgery.

Many Rhinoplasty surgeons only deal with the aesthetic component.  This is one of the key differences when you have a Rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Kridel. He deals with both the functional and the aesthetic components of your nose.  Because he is double board certified by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery and the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, he has significant depth of training and experience in the anatomy of the nose, face and neck, as well as plastic surgery techniques.  In fact, Dr. Kridel has been awarded the top honors for surgical excellence by his peers and has published over 60 scientific journal articles just on Rhinoplasty.

Following your Rhinometry test, Dr. Kridel will discuss the test results and review your imaged photos.  You will be able to see and discuss with him what you can expect your nose to look like following Rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Kridel takes these photos into surgery with him as well.

Our nurse will also discuss with you pre-operative and post-operative instructions and you will watch a video about nasal surgery.   Our patient coordinator will review the the recommended treatment plans and estimated costs for surgery as well.

So, as you can see, not every Rhinoplasty consultation is created equal.  Dr. Kridel is extremely thorough and is highly regarded throughout Houston and internationally as a Rhinoplasty expert.  It is also why he is often referred to as THE Nose Doctor or The Doctor’s Doctor.

—- Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston TX

Click here to view some before and after Rhinoplasty photos.

Russell Kridel MD given Bluebonnet Award

November 20th, 2013 Kirin

Russell Kridel MD given Bluebonnet Award  for contributions to Houston area dietetics by Houston Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics!

Russell Kridel MD given Bluebonnet Award

Russell Kridel MD given Bluebonnet Award by Houston Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


The Bluebonnet Award of the Houston Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is intended to recognize an individual who is not a dietitian, but who has contributed significantly to the advancement of nutrition and dietetics in Texas.

Dr. Russell Kridel is a passionate advocate of the importance of nutrition and diet in our community.  As the President of the Harris County Medical Society for 2013, one of his primary goals during this year is to help target the obesity epidemic in our community.

He created the HCMS Personal Responsibility Committee dedicated to helping address the obesity epidemic. The committee provides physicians from all specialties with additional tools to communicate with their patients about the importance of diet and nutrition to prevent obesity, diabetes and other diseases, with specific emphasis on sugar sweetened beverages. Through Dr. Kridel’s leadership, the committee developed a brochure called “Shut Out Sugar” for physicians and other health providers to hand out to patients.  The brochure clearly outlines simple and easy steps people can take to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages to improve their health.

Russell Kridel MD advocate for diet and nutrition

HCMS President, Russell Kridel MD is passionate advocate of diet and nutrition

He also participates in key roles at the state and national level on health care issues that positively promote the role of diet and nutrition in the ever-changing landscape of health care.

Dr. Kridel is in his sixth year and the current Chair of the American Medical Association (AMA) Council on Science and Public Health (CSAPH). CSAPH provides information and recommendations on medical, scientific, and public health issues.  Reports during Dr. Kridel’s tenure on the CSAPH, have covered such issues as: sugar sweetened beverages, obesity and bottled water safety.  Dr. Kridel also has a blog —, that provides patients with answers to questions about topics covered by the CSAPH reports.

As the immediate Past President of the TMA Foundation, Dr. Kridel also raised funds for initiatives that enable physicians and their families to give back to their community and improve the health of all Texans. The foundation supports TMA’s health improvement programs that address the association’s public health priorities.

Houston-based Facial Plastic SurgeonDr. Russell Kridel, will be presented with the Bluebonnet Award at the annual Houston Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics member’s dinner in May, 2014.  He will also be placed into consideration for the statewide designation.

Please join all of us at Facial Plastic Surgery Associates in congratulating Dr. Russell Kridel on this significant award and his continued contributions to providing all patients with the highest standards of health care!


—- Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston TX


How to find Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeons in US

November 16th, 2013 Kirin

12 Important Questions to Find the Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeons in US

Don’t like the results of your nose job?  Can’t breathe as well as you would like after Rhinoplasty surgery?  Are you worried about finding a surgeon that can fix your nose because the first cosmetic nasal surgery was not successful?

Finding one of the best Revision Rhinoplasty surgeons in US for nasal surgery can be very daunting. Particularly, if you had surgery before and were unhappy with your results.  It is only natural to be worried about how to find a second (or in some cases, third or fourth) surgeon that will improve your appearance and not make the situation worse.

Fortunately, there are several questions that you can ask when you interview a surgeon that will help you feel more comfortable that you have identified one of the best revision rhinoplasty surgeons in US with the proven skill and experience to truly help you.

Find best revision rhinoplasty surgeons in US

12 Questions patient should ask the revision rhinoplasty surgeon at the consultation:

1)   Are you a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon?

You want to have a surgeon who specializes strictly in the area of the head and neck.  In addition to a residency in Head & Neck Surgery, board-certified facial plastic surgeons also have completed another year of specialized fellowship training specifically in facial plastic surgery.

2)   Do you have at least 10 years of experience?

For Revision Rhinoplasty surgery, you want a surgeon that has significant experience and skill.

3)   How many Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty surgeries do you perform per year?  (look for at least 50 per year)

Dr. Kridel performs approximately 100 Rhinoplasty (including Revision Rhinoplasty) surgeries each year.

4)   Have you taught major courses to other surgeons on Rhinoplasty in the past two years?

Surgeons, like Dr. Kridel, who teach other surgeons have the depth of experience you need.

5)   Have you written scientific papers on Revision Rhinoplasty in the last five years?

Dr. Kridel has written numerous scientific journal papers recently and has published over 60 just on the subject of Rhinoplasty.

6)   Have you lectured at a major medical institution in the last two years specifically on Revision Rhinoplasty?  Other surgeons only want the best and the brightest surgeons to lecture at their institutions.

7)   Do you have an appointment to a medical school?  Medical schools want surgeons with the highest level of skill to lecture and teach their future surgeons.

8)   Have you done Revision Rhinoplasty surgery on other doctors and their family members?

Like you, physicians want the best care for their families.  Fortunately, physicians trust Dr. Kridel for their care as well as their family’s care.

9)   Are there before and after patient photos of a similar procedure that I can view?

Make sure the before and after photos you look at during your consultation are specific to the surgeon you are speaking to.  Also, it is better if the photos are taken without makeup.

10)  Are there patients that I could speak with about their experience with this procedure?

It can help put your mind at ease to speak with at least one patient of the surgeon’s that has gone through the entire process from pre-op through post-operative care.

11)  How often do you have to redo the work you have done on your own patients?  No one is perfect, however the percentage should be less than 5%.

At FPSA our rate is less than 5%.

12)  Do you use computer imaging so that I can know what to expect post-operatively?  The surgeon should take photos at multiple angle photos of your nose and then review the computer imaged versions with you so that you can discuss and visualize the results you can expect post-operatively.

There should be 100%  positive and thorough answers to all of these questions before considering a surgeon for Revision Rhinoplasty surgery.

Why Dr. Russell Kridel is one of the best revision rhinoplasty surgeons in US:

The answers to these questions are precisely why Dr. Kridel is considered by his peers and patients to be one of the best revision rhinoplasty surgeons in US.  Surgeons, including other plastic surgeons, often send him complicated Revision Rhinoplasty patients because they want the patient to have the greatest opportunity for success.  Thus, it is no surprise that Dr. Kridel is often referred to as “The Doctor’s Doctor” and  “THE  Nose Doc.”


—- Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston TX

Rhinoplasty Computer Imaging with Dr Russell Kridel

November 5th, 2013 Kirin

Rhinoplasty and Computer Imaging go hand in hand. At Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, one of the most important parts of your nasal surgery consultation with Dr. Russell Kridel is Rhinoplasty computer imaging.

Rhinoplasty Computer Imaging:

We take numerous photos of your nose prior to your thorough medical examination with Dr. Kridel.  Then, during your visit with Dr. Kridel you will not only have an opportunity to share your concerns with him, but he will also ask you questions as well.  It is this back and forth conversation that helps him understand your goal for surgery.  He will then use a Rhinoplasty computer imaging software tool to morph the original photos to help you visualize your potential surgical result.  Dr. Kridel will review the imaged photos with you so that both of you will have a similar goal in mind.  At the time of surgery, Dr. Kridel takes a copy of the imaged photos in with him to surgery.

Dr Russell Kridel comments on Kate Middleton's nose

“Kate’s nose is the #1 requested nose,” says Dr. Russell Kridel.

Rhinoplasty computer imaging is a far more valuable tool than photographs from magazines.  It is not uncommon for patients to bring photos of celebrities with them to the consultation.  While it certainly provides a platform for discussion, Dr. Kridel prides himself in fitting a nose specifically to the individual and their anatomical features rather than one nose fits all or a nose that matches a different person’s face.  With the growing popularity of the young royal family, the “Kate Middleton Nose” is currently the most popular request.  But, as Dr. Kridel says, “Kate’s nose is meant for Kate, let’s make sure your nose looks like it is meant for you.”


Dr. Russell Kridel is often referred to as THE Nose Doctor, by other surgeons.  He has pioneered multiple Rhinoplasty surgical techniques now used in medical schools and has written over 60 scientific medical journal articles and textbook chapters on Rhinoplasty.


Watch this you tube video of Dr. Kridel speaking about the importance of computer imaging for Rhinoplasty.

— Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates Houston, TX