Rhinoplasty Expert Dr Russell Kridel Speaks at International Conference

April 18th, 2014 Kirin

Rhinoplasty Expert Dr Russell Kridel Featured Faculty in Munich

Dr Kridel photo of Munich museum

Rhinoplasty Expert Dr Russell Kridel featured lecturer at International Summit in Munich


Rhinoplasty expert, Russell Kridel, MD was an invited faculty member at the recent European Rhinoplasty Summit in Munich, Germany. Over one hundred facial plastic surgeons attended the conference from all around the world.  As an internationally recognized expert on Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty surgical techniques, Dr. Kridel was asked to share his expertise with other surgeons attending the meeting.  Dr. Kridel presented four courses at the conference.

Thick Skinned Rhinoplasty — Instruction Course presented by Dr. Russell Kridel

Nasal surgery in patients with thick skin requires understanding an anatomy that can differ greatly, making a cookbook formula difficult.   Dr. Kridel presented techniques that can be used to create balanced changes in these more complex cases.

Nasal Tip Deprojection — Keynote Lecture by Dr. Russell Kridel

Successful tip management is critical to achieving excellent results in cosmetic nasal surgery.  Nasal tip surgery is the most difficult aspect of rhinoplasty and it plays a critical role in the final appearance of the nose.  Dr. Kridel lectured on his internationally recognized surgical techniques to help surgeons learn how to properly address nasal tip deprojection.

Use of Rib Cartilage — Instruction Course presented by Dr. Russell Kridel

Dr. Kridel presented key findings from his landmark study on the use of Irradiated Rib Cartilage in Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty surgery.  Irradiated rib cartilage is a well tolerated as a grafting material in rhinoplasty and can yield superb functional, structural and cosmetic results in the most complex and challenging operative cases.

Dr. Kridel and Dr. Foda in Munich

Dr. Kridel and Dr. Foda: European Rhinoplasty Summit Faculty Members

Revision Rhinoplasty — Panel Discussion

Minor Revision Rhinoplasty provides little difficulty, but major revisions are a significant challenge to even the most skillful Rhinoplasty surgeon, often requiring significant corrections of scarring, asymmetries and irregularities. Dr. Kridel and the panel members discussed their approaches to these complicated cases and provided some helpful answers to questions posed by attendees.

As an internationally recognized Rhinoplasty Expert Dr Russell Kridel is often invited to speak at medical conferences to share his surgical expertise with other surgeons looking to improve their skills.  Houston facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kridel is often referred to by his peers as The Nose Doctor,  because of all the significant contributions he has made to facial plastic surgery and quality patient care.


To make an appointment for a Rhinoplasty or Revision Rhinoplasty consultation with Dr.Russell Kridel, contact Facial Plastic Surgery Associates at 713/526-5665.

You can also learn more about Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Kridel at todaysface.com.

You can also see multiple Rhinoplasty videos and other videos on other facial plastic surgery procedures on our YouTube channel.

— Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston

Dr Angela Sturm is Woman of the Year Candidate

April 16th, 2014 admin

Facial Plastic Surgery Associates Dr Angela Sturm is Woman of the Year Candidate for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

At Facial Plastic Surgery Associates we believe in uplifting our patients and our community. Our Associate, Dr. Angela Sturm, is a Leukemia and Lymphoma Woman of the Year Candidate helping to raise funds for research for a cure and support for patients and their families. Please support Dr. Sturm and this amazing organization by making contributions online or in our office.

Dear Family and Friends,
In the US, nearly 1.1 million people are living with, or are in remission from leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, NHL or myeloma. Someone is diagnosed every 4 minutes and loses their life every 10 minutes to these diseases. Therefore, blood cancers touch just about all of us, our family or our friends. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society funds research for cures, as well as for helping patients and families through treatment. This is an organization that is doing the right things with the dollars it raises; therefore I am proud to be a candidate of James Ryan, an Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) survivor. James was diagnosed at only 13 months old in 2007. After nearly 3 years of treatment, he finished chemotherapy in September of 2010. James was declared cancer free in September of 2015! He loves to play sports, particularly soccer and basketball. He also loves writing and playing with Legos. James is the older brother to Adrianne and Rachel. LLS not only works hard to find a cure for kids like James, but helped his family with financial aid during his treatment.

I ask you to join me today in the campaign to end cancer. We have a short 10 weeks, March 20 through May 30, 2014, to raise as much money as possible for people like James. The focus of the campaign is not about being Woman of the Year; it is about funding critical research and aiding families with things as simple, but impactful as parking costs during treatment.

Please send your tax-deductible contribution via my contribution page

As a special favor, I’d like to also ask you to reach out to others you know and ask them to do the same. Many people have a connection to blood cancer and want to support our efforts.

Thank you in advance for your friendship and support.

Angela Sturm, MD

Can my septal perforation be fixed?

March 16th, 2014 Kirin

Can my septal perforation be fixed? Or, do I have to live with this hole in my nose forever?

One of the first questions patients with septal perforation as is, Can my septal perforation be fixed? The answer is not an easy one.  Septal perforation is a very complex problem that requires a very complex surgery.

Septal Perforation photo

Pre-op photo of a septal perforation

There are many causes of a perforated septum, which is a hole in the septum. It can occur as a result of previous nasal surgery or as a result of a nasal fracture.  However, a septal perforation can often be from cocaine use or other forms of trauma.

For patients with this problem, the symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and very difficult to live with.  Patients can experience frequent crusting, bleeding, whistling while they breathe and incessant runny nose.

Fortunately, Dr. Kridel has over a 90% success rate repairing septal perforations. He is one of the few surgeons in the country that performs this surgery and has pioneered surgical techniques specific to this area.  He has written over 20 textbook chapters and scientific journal articles on septal perforation.

Surgeons from all around the US and around the world who discover a large septal perforation refer their patients to Dr. Kridel because the surgery is so challenging and requires experience and expertise they may not have specific to this diagnosis.

Dr. Kridel has developed a website dedicated to septal perforations so that patients can better understand the problem, as well as the potential solutions.

We also encourage patients to view the You Tube video of a septal perforation patient who had septal perforation repair surgery by Houston facial plastic surgeon Dr. Russell Kridel.  It can be very reassuring to know that you are not alone and that in the hands of an experienced and skilled surgeon like Dr. Kridel, there may be a solution.  And the answer to your question — Can my septal perforation be fixed — may very well be, “Yes.”

— Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates Houston, TX

About Voluma Injections in Houston

February 18th, 2014 Kirin


In Houston Voluma injections are a hot topic.   Here are ten of the most frequently asked questions about Juvederm Voluma XC, commonly known as Voluma.

Juvederm Voluma XC


Juvederm Voluma XC is the newest HA (hyaluronic acid) soft tissue filler to gain FDA approval to instantly add lift to the cheek area in patients over the age of 21.  It is commonly referred to as Voluma.


To learn if Voluma is right for you, Dr. Kridel or Dr. Sturm will perform a thorough consultation.  They have extensive experience with the wide array of different fillers and wrinkle relaxers and will select the best treatment plan for your specific needs.


At Facial Plastic Surgery Associates Voluma treatments are performed by one of our physicians —- Dr. Russell Kridel and Dr. Angela Sturm. As top facial plastic surgeons in Houston, Dr. Kridel and Dr. Sturm are considered leading experts in facial fillers. They customize treatments for each patient, which may include a combination of different fillers and techniques in order to achieve the best outcomes. Dr. Kridel is always on the leading edge of aesthetic treatments and as a result, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates is one of the first cosmetic medical practices in Houston to offer Juvederm Voluma XC.


Virtually anyone 21 years or older with volume loss in their cheek area is a candidate for treatment with Voluma. Many patients in their 30s, 40s, and 50s may not be appropriate candidates for surgery, or are not ready for downtime associated with surgery and will benefit instead from Voluma treatment.


There is no downtime after treatment, and patients may return to their normal activities.  However, we suggest that you avoid strenuous activities in the first 24 hrs after Voluma injections or other injectable treatments.


Results are immediate and can last up to 2 years. The duration of filler correction depends on the facial area treated, the injection technique, and the rate that the patient ‘s tissues break down the filler. The majority of patients can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment. Some patients may experience slight swelling and bruising, but this typically improves rapidly.


Side effects include are considered mild to moderate and can last two to four weeks. The most common side effects are tenderness swellings firmness bumps bruising redness itching or discoloration at the entry site.


Voluma is made up of hyaluronic acid (ha), which is a naturally occurring substance that helps to bind water to cells. Its extensive cross-linking helps to provide lifting capacity, which makes it an excellent choice for restoring volume in the cheeks and midface.

Juvederm Voluma is unique in that the HA is cross-linked through a process called Vycross that helps provide good lifting capacity. This special cross-linking also helps to avoid degradation, making Voluma last longer.


Voluma is an injectable filler made from hyaluronic acid. Sculptra is not a filler.  It is made of Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA), a synthetic biodegradable polymer that is both resorbable and bio-compatible. It works by stimulating the body to produce new collagen at the sites of injection, thereby replacing lost volume and contours to restore a fuller, more youthful appearance. Houston Sculptra injections do not give immediate results like the true fillers do. Since Sculptra has to stimulate the body to create new collagen, this process takes time. Sculptra can last at least two or more years because it causes the body to stimulate its own collagen. Two to three sessions generally 4-6 weeks apart are usually needed to accomplish optimum volume.


Voluma is made by the same company that manufactures Juvederm XC, Latisse and Botox— Allergan, Inc.  So, yes, this is part of the Brilliant Distinctions Program.

To make an appointment with Houston facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kridel or Dr. Sturm phone us at 713/526-5665. Feel free to contact Dr. Kridel or Dr. Sturm also.

— Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates

How to choose a Revision Rhinoplasty surgeon

February 14th, 2014 Kirin

While nose surgery is considered the most difficult surgical procedure of the head and neck area, Revision Rhinoplasty is even more challenging than a Primary Rhinoplasty, which is also often referred to as a nose job.

Here are 5 tips about how to choose a Revision Rhinoplasty surgeon:

  1. Be Sure to Select A Facial Plastic Surgeon

A board-certified facial plastic surgeon (AAFPRS) performs only cosmetic and reconstructive surgery on the face, head and neck.  Training includes post-graduate training in general surgery residency and at least four additional years of specialty training just in head and surgery and facial plastic surgery.  Many  surgeons specialize further by undertaking an additional year fellowship in facial plastic surgery and become board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS).  For example, Houston facial plastic surgeon Dr. Russell Kridel is double-board certified by the AAFPRS and the ABFPRS.

This is in contrast to a general plastic surgeon who performs surgery on the entire body, with no additional post-graduate study required specifically on the head and neck area for board certification.

In a nutshell, you want to trust your face — and in this case, your nose — to a specialist.

  1. Identify a Surgeon with Significant Experience in Revision Rhinoplasty

Nasal surgery, known as Primary Rhinoplasty, is one of the most difficult surgeries of the face and neck because of the vast differences in each person’s anatomy.  Revision Rhinoplasty is even more complex because the anatomy inside your nose has already been altered.  Since every nose is different and may have been drastically changed by a previous surgeon, the Revision Rhinoplasty surgeon can not really know the full extent of the alterations inside your nose until he/she begins the procedure.  So, it is critical that you identify a surgeon that truly specializes in nasal surgery and has performed hundreds (or more) of revision rhinoplasty procedures.  That way, there are no real surprises and you will feel comfortable knowing that the surgeon has the skill set to successfully perform the procedure on your specific nose.  Houston facial plastic surgeon Dr. Russell Kridel is a world renowned expert in Revision Rhinoplasty. He has performed thousands of Revision Rhinoplasty surgeries with extremely successful outcomes.  His patients are ecstatic with their results.

  1. Select a Facial Plastic Surgeon that has published scientific journal articles on Revision Rhinoplasty

You want a surgeon who is passionate about noses.   A surgeon that is so knowledgeable about Rhinoplasty that they write and publish scientific journal articles to share their techniques with other trained surgeons to advance science for the benefit of all patients.  There are rigorous standards for a medical journal to accept a scientific paper, so truly it requires the most devoted and skilled surgeons to meet these high standards.  Dr. Russell Kridel has published over 60 scientific articles and text book chapters on Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty alone and has been an invited lecturer at medical conferences all around the world on the subject of Revision Rhinoplasty. He has won top honors by his peers and patients and is considered one of the best Rhinoplasty surgeons in the country.

How to choose a revision rhinoplasty surgeon

Revision Rhinoplasty patient of Dr. Russell Kridel

  1. Look at Before and After Photos

When you visit the facial plastic surgeon(s) you have selected, be sure to review their Before & After Revision Rhinoplasty photospu.  You may also look at the primary Rhinoplasty photos, but you want to be sure to look at the photos of the Revision Rhinoplasty patients performed by that specific surgeon. Your consultation should be extremely thorough. In addition to a medical exam, the surgeon should review your own computer imaged photos so that you can see what your nose will look like post-surgery.  At Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, you can expect to spend about 2 hours at our office meeting with Dr. Kridel and his team.

Here is an example of a before and after photo.  However, when you visit Dr. Kridel’s office you will be able to review an extensive book of additional examples.

  1. Be realistic

It is very important that you are realistic about what can be achieved, particularly if your nose was significantly altered internally by the prior surgeon.  You may or may not be able to have the exact nose you had imagined when you had surgery the first time.  However, in the hands of a skilled Rhinoplasty specialist like Dr. Kridel, you will be able to achieve a very pleasing outcome and be extremely happy with the results.

– Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston TX


Houston Facelift Surgery gets MVP treatment

January 31st, 2014 Kirin

MVP Lift is a better technique used for Facelift Surgery

For the most natural looking facelift, Dr. Russell Kridel uses a surgical technique he has perfected called MVP Lift.  MVP stands for Multi-Vector Positioning Lift.   It refers to his multilayer technique, but also refers to the fact that he tailors every MVP Lift to each individual to achieve the natural result you desire and to give you the MVP – Most Valuable Patient – status that you deserve.

A facelift should actually be called a face and neck lift because it re-supports the check, jawline and neck. To achieve the most natural, long-lasting results, an MVP Facelift is a result of Dr. Kridel’s meticulous dissection done in layers and not just a surface layer pull that is used by some other physicians. The sagging skin is repositioned and the underlying muscles re-supported, while the excess skin and fat is removed.

Fortunately, an MVP Lift is a way to restore what time and gravity had stolen and to help you regain a more youthful appearance. It is like shifting the conveyor belt of aging back ten years or more. The aging process still continues, but you have a newer starting line.  Dr. Kridel takes a great deal of pride in his Houston Facelift Surgery techniques to make sure you look like a younger you and not someone completely different.

—- Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates




Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Houston

January 30th, 2014 Kirin

Who is the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Houston?

From cocktail parties to book club gatherings, I am frequently asked questions about Rhinoplasty Surgery. And, the most common question is —”Who is the best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Houston”?

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

There is no question in my mind that Dr. Russell Kridel is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston.  And to be quite honest, one of the best in the world. Certainly there are other talented surgeons, and yes, I am biased.  But, I can readily and objectively support my point of view.

  1. Dr. Kridel has authored more than 60 textbook chapters and scientific journal articles on Rhinoplasty.  No one else in Houston, or Texas, has written so extensively on the subject.
  2. Dr. Kridel has been invited to be a featured speaker to hundreds of national and international medical conferences to teach other physicians about his Rhinoplasty techniques.
  3. Dr. Kridel has pioneered more than 4 specific surgical techniques used in Rhinoplasty that are now standard elements of medical school training.
  4. Dr. Kridel was singled out and lauded by the AMA Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery medical journal editor that his article on the Long Term Use of Irradiated Costal Cartilage Grafts in the Nose” as a landmark study.  Very few surgeons ever achieve this accolade.
  5. Dr. Kridel has been given the two highest awards by his own specialty, American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) for his surgical excellence in facial plastic surgery, including Rhinoplasty
  6. Dr. Kridel held his own course, Rodeo Rhinoplasty, for two years, in Houston.  Over 200 surgeons attended from all over the world to hone their skills in Rhinoplasty under the auspices of Dr. Kridel (along with other invited specialists).
  7. No other surgeon in town provides the same level of pre and post-operative care and followup as Dr. Kridel. You may spend 2 or more hours at your  consultation appointment, but no other local cosmetic surgeon is as thorough.
  8. He has won Top Doc accolades annually for over ten years from H-Texas Magazine, Castle Connolly and Best Doctors among others.

Importantly, if you ask other surgeons the same question — “Who is the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Houston“, you will get the same answer:  Dr. Russell Kridel.  Needless to say, other physicians view Dr. Kridel as “The Doctor’s Doctor” or as some say, “The Nose Doc”.  They entrust their own noses and their family member’s noses to Dr. Kridel.

I would encourage anyone to ask our patient coordinator, Linda Estrada, to speak with a Facial Plastic Surgery Associate Rhinoplasty patient ambassador.  These are patients who have had Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Kridel and are happy to speak with any patient thinking of having a similar surgery.  We started this program because numerous patients of Dr. Kridel’s requested to be ambassadors to other patients because they feel very strongly that others considering this surgery understand the value of Dr. Kridel’s experience and surgical skills.  As one patient stated, “I would want someone to do the same for me.  Make sure that I am in the best possible hands, because nothing would be worse than having someone mess up my nose.”

And, flat out, Dr. Kridel loves doing Rhinoplasty surgery.  No two noses are exactly alike, so it is always exciting and very rewarding for Dr. Kridel when patients achieve the improved appearance they desire that looks so natural — as if they were born with their new nose. Needless to say, you are in the best hands with Dr. Kridel.

— Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates


Top Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Russell Kridel and Dr. Angela Sturm featured in Modern Luxury Magazine

January 24th, 2014 Kirin

The January Issue of Modern Luxury features Dr. Russell Kridel and Dr. Angela Sturm as top Houston facial plastic surgeons.

Top Houston facial plastic surgeons

Houston Top Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Russell Kridel and Dr. Angela Sturm



Dr. Kridel is a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon particularly known for his skill and experience with Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty, Facelift (MVP Facelift), Septal Perforation and facial rejuvenation.  He has been recognized by his peers and patients with numerous honors and awards as a top Houston facial plastic surgeon annually for over ten years. Dr. Kridel has often been called The Doctor’s Doctor as surgeons as well as their family members often come to him for facial plastic surgery procedures.

Facial Plastic Surgery Associate, Dr. Angela Sturm, has already won accolades as a top Houston facial plastic surgeon as well.  Dr. Sturm trained with Dr. Kridel through his fellowship program and has also authored scientific papers on multiple facial plastic surgery procedures.

Check out the complete January issue of Modern Luxury Magazine including the info about Dr. Kridel and Dr. Sturm on page 98.


– Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates







What is CO2 Laser Resurfacing

January 19th, 2014 Kirin

CO2 Laser Resurfacing in Houston

CO2 laser resurfacing in Houston, TX by Dr. Russell Kridel or Dr. Angela Sturm, is the gold standard in laser resurfacing of the face.  It is a one-time procedure with absolutely amazing results.

Don’t let the name throw you — carbon dioxide is just the type of medium that the laser uses. This is a fully ablative laser, which means that it works on the whole skin surface.  In essence, the CO2 laser vaporizes, not burns, the top layers of the skin. Then over a matter of weeks and months after the procedure the skin regenerates. As the skin regenerates, it does a number of things:

  • It generates new, smooth skin and the wrinkles are gone.
  • Because of the type of energy that’s entered into the skin, the collagen in the skin denatures and then reforms and remodels. So, you will see the results continue to improve over six months after the laser procedure is done.

Before and After Photo of CO2 Laser Resurfacing Patient (performed by Dr. Russell Kridel)

CO2 Laser Resurfacing Patient of Dr. Russell Kridel

CO2 Laser Resurfacing Patient, 4 mo. Post-Op (patient of Dr. Russell Kridel)


Best candidates for CO2 Laser Resurfacing in Houston:

Men and women with moderate to severe sun damage and wrinkles are the best candidates for CO2 Laser Resurfacing.  The procedure can be done on the entire face or anywhere that you have significant wrinkles.  Some patients with a past history of smoking have significant wrinkles or deep creases around the mouth that can not be erased with filler or removed with less powerful laser technology.

In addition, patients need to be able to set aside the appropriate amount of recovery time.  It will be 2 to 3 weeks before you can go out and about and can wear make-up.

Who is not a good candidate for CO2 Laser Resurfacing:

While you will benefit from some skin tightening as a result of the formation of new skin, CO2 laser is not a replacement for face lift surgery for those patients with sagging neck, cheeks and jowls.

Why are Dr. Kridel and Dr. Sturm the best surgeons for CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

The CO2 laser is the most powerful laser modality.  And as such, it requires a deft touch and a highly trained surgeon.  This is NOT a procedure that can or should be done by an aesthetician.  In fact, there are less than 10 facial plastic or general plastic surgeons in Houston that perform this procedure.  Dr. Kridel has written multiple scientific journal articles on CO2 laser techniques and has been invited to speak at medical conferences around the world to teach other surgeons about CO2 laser surgery.

In addition, at Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, we are fortunate to have our own CO2 laser so that the CO2 laser procedure can be done in approximately 1.5 hours (depending on how much area is being done) in our fully accredited in-office surgical suite or at the hospital as an adjunct procedure to a face lift (which requires an overnight stay).

View this You Tube video of Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Russell Kridel, talking about C02 laser resurfacing in Houston.

It takes a great deal of skill to successfully perform this procedure.  Dr. Kridel and Dr. Sturm are laser experts.  Dr. Kridel has published scientific journal articles on the laser resurfacing and has taught other surgeons all around the world about his techniques.

—- Kirin, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates


How to Undo Sun Damaged Skin

January 7th, 2014 Kirin

Undo Sun Damaged Skin with Laser Resurfacing Technology

Fortunately, through medical technology and surgeon’s skill, at Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, Houston facial plastic surgeon, Russell Kridel MD can undo damage the sun inflicts on the skin.  While there are numerous treatments and procedures advertised in the marketplace, the best and most effect approach is Laser Resurfacing.

It is important to understand that there are 3 different levels of laser resurfacing.  The rule of thumb is the greater the intensity of the laser, the longer the downtime, but the greater the results.

The gold standard for laser resurfacing in Houston is the fully ablative CO2 laser.  Ablative means that the laser vaporizes the entire layer of skin.  This stimulates collagen regrowth.   This is a one-time procedure that takes approximately two hours. The results are fantastic and the effects last more than ten years, assuming of course that you don’t go back out and lay in the sun without sunscreen and a hat.  However, there is also more downtime, about two weeks before you can use make-up and will want to go and about.  Remaining redness continues to dissipate over several weeks. For patients with moderate to significant skin damage, this is the most effective approach.   Since this is the most powerful laser, it also takes a great deal of skill and experience to obtain the best results.

Another approach is the Fractionated CO2.  Fractionated means the laser signal breaks through the skin in tiny spots rather than vaporizing the entire layer.  The downtime is about ten to twelve days.

The third approach is known as Fraxel.  This is the mildest form of laser.  It covers less surface area and as a result there is virtually no downtime.  Because it only covers a certain percentage of the skin per session, a patient needs to complete a series of 3 to 4 treatments about 4 to 6 weeks apart to be able to reach the surface of the entire face.  This is more effective for patients with mild to moderate skin damage

At Facial Plastic Surgery Associates, we have our own leading edge laser equipment.  Dr. Russell Kridel and Dr. Angela Sturm are noted experts on laser technology.   You will feel confident in knowing that we have performed thousands of laser resurfacing procedures to help patients successfully undo sun damaged skin.

See Dr. Kridel speak about laser resurfacing techniques on You Tube.

To make an appointment with Dr. Kridel or Dr. Sturm contact Facial Plastic Surgery Associates at 713/526-5665.

—- Kirin,  Facial Plastic Surgery Associates